Our Donors: Bernhard Kohlmeier & Lisa Ann Mikulencak


“We are passionate about students making a difference, engaging in community, and dedication to having a positive impact in the lives of others. Education is a powerful instrument to make our world a place where people can strive and live together, regardless of gender, nationality, race, and their beliefs.”

— Bernhard Kohlmeier & Lisa Ann Mikulencak

Arthur Poznanski
Arthur Poznanski

The Kohlmeier Mikulencak Scholarship in Honor of Arthur Poznanski is made possible by the generous support of Bernhard Kohlmeier and Lisa Ann Mikulencak. The purpose of this endowed scholarship is to provide support for students studying topics related to Holocaust, Genocide Studies, and/or Crimes Against Humanity.  Awarded in honor of Arthur Poznanski (1927-2009), a Holocaust survivor, the scholarship is for someone who embodies Poznanski’s tremendous spirit. Poznanski was a teenager in Nazi Germany, wounded while escaping a train to a death camp, saved by the fortuitous placement of a spoon in a pocket, and lived in the U.K. dedicating his life to his community and to educating youth about discrimination and bigotry. 

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